Church Presenter is a free presentation software specifically written for churches. It has been designed as an Add-in for PowerPoint 2007 in order to give the users the same familiar PowerPoint user interface that over 500 milion people are using worldwide.Church Presenter targets the specific needs of  presenters during Church worship services such as searching and displaying hymns by hymn number, alphabetical index, hymn topic and by keyword.

Vahagn Hokhikyan

The thought of creating yet another church presentation software was born due to two reasons - 1)Existing products did not have unicode support(for displaying non-english characters), 2)They cost as much as $400. The motivation was to create a free church presentation software that would support unicode characters. The idea was presented to the Financial Aid office of California State University of Northridge and through encouragement and recommendation of the Director of the office Lili Vidal was approved as a presidential scholarship project for academic years 2006-2008. The faculty mentors of this project were Son Pham (2006-2007) and George Wang (2007-2008).

Church presenter started as a stand-alone .NET 2.0 windows forms application, however soon two difficulties were encountered - 1)It was hard to implement a rich presentation rendering engine, 2)Presenters had to learn a new user interface. The ideal solution was to modify the ChurchPresenter to be a PowerPoint2007 Add-in, as more than 500 million people worldwide are familiar with PowerPoint's user interface and it has a state of the art presentation rendering engine.